Sunday, January 13, 2013

A month without a camera-November 2012

I am still thinking I might catch up on pictures someday.  Actually, when I sat down to go through November 2012 tonight I realized it wouldn’t take too long—in November I had no working camera except my cell phone!


We finished up gymnastics—which was very fun!  It is possible that we may not do gymnastics again, now that Joseph is old enough for team sports, but I sure will miss it!


Joseph also started the learn-to-skate program with the Middlebury Hockey program.  We did one session of this program last year, and he was very discouraged at first, though he ended up enjoying it.  I think he was nervous starting it again this year, but he was very happy to find out that he still remembered his basic skating skills.


The first couple of times he raced around as fast as possible and crashed quite a lot, since he had no idea how to stop.  One week his back bothered him enough that he was motivated to improve his control and he improved a lot!  As of right now he is planning on playing on a team next year.  He really enjoyed it and I loved watching him challenge himself and get super sweaty!


One warm day Joseph and I hiked around Middlebury a bit.


I also took him the the Mt. Abe production of the Wizard of Oz.  Joseph LOVED it.  I was extremely impressed with the quality of the production and had fun reminiscing about my time in the play (seventh grade).


One picture from a super fun Thanksgiving!  This was a morning after breakfast at Eileen’s house across the street from Nora’s cabin.

I’m sure a lot more happened in November, but who knows what! 

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JG said...

WOW looks like some super warm winter weather! I need to move back to VT! ;)
Oooorrr... maybe you should move out here so Joseph can play some serious hockey! Haha
It's still so crazy to "watch" Joseph participate in the "big kid" things! Very cool!