Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First bath

Just a pic or two to tide you over. (We don’t yet have internet at our new house so I am at the library posting this during story time!)

These are from her first bath the night before last.


I waited an extra day or two until a good time when Joseph could “help” me.  Actually he is usually really truly helpful.



In keeping with her (so far) laid back nature, there was no screaming, no tears; in fact she really seemed to enjoy her bath.  I let her soak for a quite awhile—until she was so relaxed she pooped!  I forgot about that fun.


Wrapped up in big brother’s towel. 

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JG said...

Oh YES! You know it's been hard for me not to pester you for pics right? RIGHT? :) She is sooo pretty. I love her round little tummy... must be a good nurser! Even in her pics she excudes an air of calmness. How nice! Joseph looks so big next to her. Do you feel that he's changing at all? Ok and here are more weird dejavous type things: Her baby bath looks just like Kaia's AND I also had to use the library to update my blog after Kaia's birth because WE moved! Thanks for the update :)