Thursday, June 5, 2014

Some new favorite recipes

I have been having fun with cooking lately (I go through phases with my interest in meal preparation).  I thought I would share some current favs, and would love if my blog buddies might share some of theirs!

Also: after watching a movie called “Forks over Knives” a couple of months ago Brad decided to become vegetarian.  I have mostly followed him—though Joseph, Nora, and I sometimes have meat when we are out and every once in awhile I prepare meat.  But mostly veggie right now—which has been challenging for my cooking!

Lentil Patties with Lettuce and Yogurt

My entire family LOVES these.  I make them almost once a week now.  Brad has even started whipping them up!  You can deffinilty mess with the recipe (I put a little less then called for bread crumbs, Brad doesn’t put them in at all) and you can also use the burgers in other recipes!

Mediterranean Pan-Roasted Salmon

NOT vegetarian, and Brad and Joseph both hate the fennel, but I LOVE this.  And when I cook I make what I like!

Irish Cheddar Potato Soup with Asparagus

Awesome recipe!  Well, recipe idea actually.  I put much less, sometimes no, cheese.  And have used broccoli instead of asparagus.  And Joseph gobbles it down!

Couldn’t find a picture to steal, but Lemonade is super yummy and fun!


Genevieve said...

Ohh I love seeing what other people are cooking, thanks for sharing!! Those all sound delicious, especially the lentil patties.

Meredith said...

Love the lentil patty idea, we like a similar patty made with black beans and quinoa. A summer staple for us is a loaf of ciabatta sliced lengthwise, brushed with olive oil, toasted. Add sliced tomatoes, mozzerella cheese and chiffoned basil (and some more olive oil and salt). Back under the broiler for a bit. Slice it up, serve with balsamic vinegar and red pepper flakes to dip it in.
Please let us know what other recipes you find are easy family pleasers. I'm rarely cooking meat, though not ready to commit to pure vegetarianism, and would love some filling ideas!