Friday, September 5, 2014

Nora at a year!

I give up: She’s a year.  She’s going to grow up and I can’t keep her a baby. Hmmpph.  Luckily she is doing lots of new fun things and extremely entertaining to hang out with.  Time to embrace toddlerhood—a time of amazing cuteness as well amazing irrationality.

Personality: Lots of personality!  She has strong opinions, is very curious, loves people and attention, likes to perform and be silly.  Usually a total charmer.

She has also been going to childcare 1 day a week for the last month and so far it has gone great.  I cannot believe how easy it was for her to just fit right in.  When I get there in the afternoon she is happy to see me, but doesn’t act overly relieved—like she has been anxious or worried.  She says hi and then is off to keep playing and exploring.  She loves all the kids size things they have to climb on and play with.

Physical: Apparently, even though she seems small to me, she is still another big baby!  (Just not nearly as big as her brother.)  She was 23 pounds 7 ounces and 301/2 inches, both 95th percentile.

Still wispy strawberry blond hair and multi colored eyes.  I love her red gold hair but know it might not stay such a unique color.  It definitely has curls so no question about that!  Her eyes might be going brown, but right now they are greenish greyish brownish—very pretty!

She is really moving these days.  She LOVES to climb.  Most of this past month has been spent climbing on brother’s desk in the living room.  She actually can climb up and get back down, and turn herself around all over the place, and sit on it…I probably shouldn’t let her do it, but it is all she wants to do a lot of the time and she hasn’t fallen yet.  She has been going up the stairs for months, and figured out how to go down this month.  It was amazing to watch how carefully she thought about it and how determined she was to figure it out.  (To be clear-she is only allowed on the stairs when an adult is watching.)

Walking didn’t seem to matter as much to her until very recently.  A couple weeks ago she started standing up by herself—like just in the middle of the floor,standing up and then putting her hands over her head.  On her birthday she took her first unassisted step (I was the only one who saw it and not everyone believes me).  Now a week and a half later she is taking about 4 or 5 steps at a time.  It i

“Talking:”   Maybe I can take talking out of quotes?  ‘Cause this girl talks!  I still can’t believe it.  She has all kinds of works: “mama,” “dada,” “nurnur” (nurse), “nighnigh” (night, night), “bubu” (brother), “nana” (bananna), “bubu” (baby—sounds pretty much the same as brother), “tea” (kitty), “eye” (hi), “mo” (more).  These are the words that she uses in context, without prompting.  She will repeat all sorts of sounds/words. I find it all very amazing.  She loves to mimic whatever sounds or words someone is saying.  

Eating habits: Generally into eating all sorts of things these days.  By far her favorite thing is fruit—especially berries and bananas.  She will try almost any thing we are having now—pad thai was a hit the other night.  She is way less picky then her brother (who isn’t really very picky), but I know that’s just the age.  7 is a lot more complicated.  But it is fun to see her eat cooked onions and squash that Joseph will only choke down when forced to do so.

Lately she seems more into nursing…still hoping she tapers off in the next year on her own…of course I might never get to do this again, so maybe I don’t want to stop…

Sleep: Kind of crap.  BOOOOOOO!  Actually last night was better-so maybe there is a little hope?  Sad when two wakings a night is “good.”  She has been waking 3 times many nights and a couple nights she even had a really hard time going back to sleep.  Not fun at all.  I do not deal well with lack of sleep.  I trying really hard to put her in bed drowsy, but not asleep, and to let her cry a bit when necessary. 

Naps have also been harder.  Sometimes she doesn’t go right to sleep.  I have been very spoiled by her pretty awesome napping.  I think she might be trying to go from 2 to 1 naps a day, but her favorite is her morning nap…

I am thinking the best thing I can do is stop talking to everyone who has kids who have slept through the night since they came home from the hospital.  To be my friend you need to understand the torture of completely unpredtiable and long term sleep deprivation!

Cute/Funny Habits: Putting her hands up in the air to celebrate everything, blowing kisses, rubbing her ear when tired, pointing at everything,

Nicknames: Noranator, Norastein, Babystein, Norabelle, Stinkerbelle, Noni Smiggles, Squeakers, Shmucky, Stinkstein

Likes: People!!!  Attention! CLIMBING! music, and singing, smooches, brother, hiding behind doors, smiling, books, other babies, pointing at things, riding on toy cars, anything with wheels, going to childcare…

Dislikes: Being constrained (carseat, stroller, highchair), not getting to do or have what she wants, being tired…

I have always said the ages 1-2 are particularly challenging because they are so physical, but not very reasonable.  Still true.  I am totally one of those people who thinks infants are easier.  I really miss my sleepy baby who I could take anywhere with relative ease.  But it is exciting that she is becoming her own person.  She has wants and needs, a schedule, happy times and crabby times, get’s into mischief…and that’s all part of being a person!

This is my last monthly update.  Glad to have these to look back on.  Thanks for reading!

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