Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New camp!


We closed on a new camp yesterday!  We are very excited.  The camp is on a small lake called Fern Lake, right next to Lake Dunmore, in Leicester, VT.


It is not super fancy and needs some work and attention—but it’s ours!  (Brad, Ruth, and Bob’s). 


These pictures are from a visit the last weekend of September.


Wish it was next summer already so we could start swimming!   And boating!  We bought the camp at auction and didn’t even realize that is was going to come furnished, which has been lots of fun.  The camp has been a summer rental for years and is more stocked with furniture, decorations, kitchen stuff, then our house!  Plus they left three old boats.  I am so excited to play with the boats.

The biggest thing the camp really needs is beautification and to look more inviting.  Brad’s ready to start some repairs this weekend.


Meredith said...

I am so excited for you guys! And to be honest, a whole lot of jealous too ;) Can't wait to see the inside and hear about all the lake fun come the Spring. What a wonderful treasure for your family.

JG said...

Yay! Camp post! I'm dying to see the inside though! :) What a stunning spot, and what a beautiful place for Joseph and Nora to grow up playing in! Travis and Lindsey have such sweet memories from their childhood lake cabin. I'm sure you and Brad will have great fun and so a great job with the beautification!

Ruth Bernstein said...

Thanks all! The upstairs inside is pretty nice, downstairs ok. The inside looks better then the outside. Anyways, everything is turned off now and it is getting cold, so we probably wont be there too much until the spring. We are very excited. We already had a fun day Sunday. Brad, Joseph, Bob, and Bernie did some work, Nora and I brought pizza and did some wondering around. Our first meal in the new place!