Tuesday, June 9, 2015

February photos, or desperately trying to get something—anything—on here!

My phone, computer, and wifi are all not functioning correctly.  Very frustrating.  But not quite frustrating enough to go out and buy new stuff…

Sledding adventure in Bristol

Cuties at about 0 degrees.

Ski lessons (too cold for much picture taking)


Our house in winter sun.


Hitting the sloped for the first time with Joseph!  I was so scared to get back on the lifts, but Joseph was adamant I give it a try (and aren’t I always telling him to try new things and push himself?) so we gave it a go and had a blast.


We did stick to the easiest trails.  But no one got hurt and we were happy!  We even found some friends up there.


Valentines for his class—I loved all the effort, attention, and originality Joseph put into these.  Do you see how each is humorously decorated?

And a hand made eraser for each classmate.

And a star wars origami figure!

A snowshoe on some Shoreham trails.

It was magical. 


Friends over for a vacation day.  Everyone loves the baby toys apparently.


More star wars origami - that's han foldo, fortune wookie, Princess label maker, jabba the puppet, art2d2, darth paper, ands origami yoda!


Oh my gosh.  My kids.  So cute.


Headed out.



Shoreham day!  Skating in town.


Then a movie at the library, a bonfire, and fireworks! 

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