Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Still waiting . . .

Hello all,

This little guy seems to be pretty comfortable in my tummy and in no rush to leave. However, hopefully things will get going soon. If not, I am scheduled to be induced on Monday (5/7), but we are trying to avoid that . . . I guess I am going to end up being 24 when he arrives after all! So, for now, I am just hanging out enjoying spring and waiting for the big day. All my best!

At 40 weeks and thinking that baby was coming soon . . .

Last snow of the year

A week later and celebrating spring!

Wow! One big belly!

Tummy cast--of course now it is even bigger


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you should frame the photo of brad kissing your belly and put it in the little one's room (maybe black and white...hmm?)

At the clinic today we had a newborn puppy come in and holding him made me think about you; your mom holding you when you were born (on this day, 24 yrs ago!) and how soon you'll be holding your own. joseph's going to have the most caring, strong, intelligent mom and he's going to be the most loved baby!

(little bird)