Friday, January 4, 2008

Holiday Pictures!!

WOW it has been a long time since I last posted! Sorry about that. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We had lots of fun and Joseph put up with being dragged all over the place. Below are some of my favorite December pictures, though with all the busyness it was hard to take many. Also, I am really curious who actually looks at this crazy thing. So if you get a chance let me know! (Except Jenn-I know you look at it since you have been telling me eveyday for the last month to update). Hopefully another post will soon follow.

The Christmas card pic (which Brad picked)

In NY making a gingerbread house and Christams cookies!

Our first tree

The gingerbread house I made for fun . . .

Christmas Eve

Christmas morning

Outtakes from Christmas Card picture photo shots (yes I am making fun of myself):


Anonymous said...

I'm a faithful reader and viewer: good photographs. I like the one of the Xmas tree at night and the gingerbread hse pretty well (especially as the hse has another house in the background). Good one also of Heather and Joseph.

I have found that the gingerbread hse is, unexpectedly, edible: thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth!
I love to read your blog and find out what's new with you and Joseph! It would be great to see you in real life too. It's been a long time since our senior year at SMC!

happy belated holidays!
-heather O

JG said...

Wow! Finally! You know I check this thing every day! (Okay, well, things have been a little crazy lately, or you know I would have commented sooner!). LOVE the pictures. The sledding looks so cute, and is totally something I want to do next winter! (Even though Romia will only be like 5 months old in July...). And I am SO psyched to finally get a pic of your tree! So beautiful! Yay! Now keep the posts coming! :)

JG said...

Hey! It's post-holiday season, and I must demand a new blog entry! :)

Amy Serekede said...

I still check out your blog often for updates! I'm pretty sure mom and Jen do also. Jacob looks so mad in the picture with the 3 of them together :o( Joe-fish likes sledding how cute!