Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Crawling?!?! Plus lots of rambling . . .

So, lately there has been an ongoing debate as to whether Joseph is “crawling.” For the last 3 weeks or so he has been moving all over the place at an ever increasing pace. He kind of scoots along on the ground in what a lot of people refer to as the “commando.” Basically it is crawling with his tummy on the floor. He does get into the traditional crawling position and rock back and forth but then he lowers down and takes of in his slither style of locomotion. Of course it has often been pointed out that he has a rather large tummy so it might be particularly hard for him to get it off the floor. He gets where he wants to go, and fast, so it certainly works. But is it crawling? Brad says yes, I have maintained that crawling is tummy off the floor. Either way he is moving and it is scary. Now begins the childproofing and chasing, chasing everywhere. Of course it is really cute too and fun to see him changing and developing so fast. I feel like we have hit the age where everyday he is doing something new. Before each little development seemed to build up over a long period, now they are just coming all the time, seemingly without warning or preparation. What will be next?

Other updates and new experiences:

  • Twice he has pulled himself up to standing. The first time was in the middle of the night when I set him in the sitting position in his crib while I grabbed something (he still can’t get to sitting himself). I looked over and there he was in the upright position. However, I was so tired I didn’t think that much about it. Then, last Friday, I sat him down next to the bathtub while I was putting on my makeup. I lined up his rubber duckys on the edge of the tub so he could practice taking them down. I guess he knocked one into the tub because I glanced over and he was STANDING!! It just seems so weird to see him in the upright position. Very strange. He hasn’t done it again but if you put him in the standing position, say holding onto the sofa, he will happily stay there for quite awhile by himself. And he loves it (has for quite awhile) if you hold his hands and walk him around. This almost always makes him in a good mood (though for the person holding onto him it’s a bit hard on the back).
  • He also loves to kick things. Hard. He tends to line himself up with his feet against a door, wall, etc. . . and then just wail away as hard as he can.
  • His 5th tooth came in a couple days ago and the 6th is just about to come through! Yikes! The other 4 are now getting really big.
  • The best “toys” are certainly not toys. All babies seem have a sense of when something is meant to be played with and when it is not and therefore oh soo much more fun.
  • At his last appointment (around 8 months) he was 29 1/8 inches long, his head was huge (I forget the measurement), and he weighed 25 pounds, 10 ounces. Still completely off the charts.
  • We are starting to work on eating pieces of things rather than just purees. And yes I have finally been making more of his baby food. Though he certainly preferred the store-bought stuff to moms cooking at first, he has adjusted. He is very into his food and if you don’t feed him fast enough he yells at you! He is also now no longer a vegetarian and on Sunday he had his first “cookie” (teething biscuit type thing) a la grandma.
  • He has just started going to daycare one day a week which is so great for all of us. He absolutely loves the big kids and mom gets some freedom/time to actually get stuff done. I must admit however it did take me two hours to leave the first time—a bit embarrassing.
  • I realize I never marked the sitting milestone on here (important since this is my “scrapbook”). He didn't start sitting well by himself until about 7 months. He might have been able to do it a bit sooner but I was scared to let him try because I was worried about him falling over. Now I know falling over is part of the learning process!
  • He still hasn’t been on the outside as long as the inside (my tummy) though we are getting close.
  • My best friend Jennifer is pregnant!! Besides being sooo happy for her and her wonderful husband Travis, I am selfishly ecstatic to have her as a mommy friend. It is amazing to get to go through this with my closest friend since preschool. From swing sets and play pretend, junk food and horses, cornfield parties and college, to being parents! Amazing.
  • He is getting quite a mop top. A few people have mentioned I might need to get him a haircut soon. This was quite a surprise to me as I am still trying to figure out how to cut his nails. It never occurred to me that he might need his hair cut sometime. Anyways, I plan to let him get a nice full head of beautiful golden curls!
  • We have a great baby group that meets every Wednesday morning. I really really enjoy it and Joseph seems to as well. Joseph is the youngest by a month and the mother of the next youngest (9 ½ months) and I come with questions in mind for the more experienced moms with older children!
  • Is he screaming in the car? Turn on Loretta Lynn. Seriously. It works almost every time. Usually he contentedly nods off to sleep. I've had the same CD in my car since he was born and am scared to change it. Though a change would be nice for me . . .

Wow, this got long. So much going on I guess. If you made it to the end, congrats! I hope everyone is well!


JG said...

Ruth I LOVE this post! (Of course, the part about me is the best part) HAHA! You know, though, I do think that I have it better...since my best friend since pre-school had her baby first I have someone I really trust who I can run to with questions every second! That's the best part! :) Okay, well, I want to see a picture of his hair now! And of him crawling "commando!" You know, I'm not sure how I feel about calling it "commando..." that implies nudity in my mind (not that he's not the cutest michelin baby ever!)...I'm going to call his crawling "sniper mode." I can't believe how big he is! And all the things he's doing! Before you know it he'll be walking! Ok, I'd better wrap this up...I REALLY loved your post. It's fun to read about the little things, like the Loretta Lynn CD. Although, I am disappointed about the non-vegetarian thing. I'll have to talk with him about how his diet choices are affecting the planet and his karma. Is he talking yet? :) Love the post! Don't fall off!

Anonymous said...

Ruth, thanks, nice discusssion about Joseph.

JG and Ruth: are you two kidding? It's not that he'll be walking soon that is so amazing but that very shortly he'll be a driving a car and going to ... 'cornfield parties.' Actually, all of us are going that speed.

I noticed the L Lynn tape and its certain effect on J: Ruth you can sing all those I suspect. But I think you've known them for quite awhile.

JG, he might not be talking yet (but he sometimes babbles loud, or shouts nonsense) but you can talk to him. better tell him about his choices about what he eats. Is T a vegetarian?


JG said...

Oooh! Fun! An interactive blog!
I can't wait to find out how much my parents suffered through my teenage years...think how fun it will be when Joseph and Romia start sneaking off to cornfield parties! RB, you'll just be thrilled when Ruth and I start calling you for advice! Hmm...come to think of it, if Joseph and Romia are like Ruth and myself what advice would you give?
Ruth, next time we chat I want you to hold the phone up to Joseph's ear. We're going to have a little talk about how meat-eating contributes to global warming, poverty, and bad karma. Next Christmas Romia, Joseph and I are all going to have a little sit-down conversation.
Yes, RB, Travis and I are both devout vegetarians (and interested in crossing over to vegan). Romia will also be a vegetarian until s/he is mature, educated and aware enough to choose otherwise (or not). I don't know when that will be, but I assume I'll know the right moment when it comes. (I think 30 years old seems fair). :)

Ruth said...

Nice discussion. However, I must confess that I'm not sure if I want to know "RB's" advice about dealing with difficult teenagers. I am scared to even think about potty changing much less what is going to happen if J takes after me in the teen years. Yikes.

Did you convert T to being a veggie? I recall that he hasn't always been. You are getting to be even more evangelical then Michele, who by the way I cannot even talk about the issue with because we get too upset. So go ahead and try to indoctinate in Joseph. Meanwhile I will be cramming the nutrients down his throte. Then, when he is mature enough he can choose to be crazyhippyveggie (just kidding) if he likes. Is 6th grade mature enouph? I recall RB didn't think so. By the way, today Joseph ate some food all on his own for the first time! No meat--little cracker "puffs." Yay.

Kind of fun writing in code . . .

Anonymous said...

For now I've changed my mind: 6th grade or younger vegetarians will be fine. I seem to recall 1), 'no sandwiches going in my mouth,' and 2), 'what, eat something that's been grilled and has black lines on it?'

You're right, RSB, my advice about older children seeking independence--or my advice about anything else--must be taken lightly.


JG said...

Well, that's settled! 6th grade or younger is fine! No, I did not "convert" T. He is a great listener and very sensitive, and it didn't take very much time before he announced early in our courtship that he would like to try being a vegetarian (not necessarily with the intention of remaining one) but he's stuck with it!
By the way, I think it's a shame that I have so much more confidence in JRB's wisdom than you, Ruth. He is absolutely mature enough now to consider being a vegetarian. He is trying to get through to you by independently eating cracker puffs! :)
I can't wait until our kids are teens. It will be so fun to know exactly what we did to our parents! And we can rest easy knowing that our grandchildren will provide vengeance someday.