Saturday, February 2, 2008

He's a cutie-pie!

New Years Day

First big hike (during the January thaw)

Dad takes over

Grandma gave me a cookie! (His first)

Crawling and climbing and getting into everything . . .

Moving--in my own way

On Wyatt's bike

First picture of him standing all by himself!
I love playing in my shelves

Being cuddly

Just before he took his first steps holding onto the truck

Coming to get you!


JG said...

Oh, Ruth, what fantastic pictures! Joseph is such a smiley little guy! I can't believe how grown-up he is already. And you look GORGEOUS! I love that first picture of you all--what a pretty sweater! You look like such a cute family, and I think Joseph's living the high life! He has such a fantastic smile

Amy Serekede said...

Wow he looks so different - growing too fast! Such a cutie :o) You gotta work on Brad -geesh can't he put on some decent clothes at least for the holidays? lol

Anonymous said...

Ruth, you'd better get the red-eye out of Joseph in the last photograph, he looks like a devil.

Amy, you know B a lot better than I do but I don't picture him getting dressed up for his photographs.


JG said...

Time for a new post! :P