Sunday, February 24, 2008

How to make Joseph smile—or hopefully laugh so hard he gets the hiccups!

  1. Kiss him! Kisses, kisses, kisses everywhere.
  2. Bring kitty near. Anything to do with Kitty is HILARIOUS. Chasing Kitty (or Kitty hunting) is probably his favorite activity (after eating).
  3. Demonstrate your best dance moves. Shake your booty!
  4. Then pick him up and dance together. Lots of bouncing and spinning appreciated.
  5. Give him something to climb on. Tired parents works well. As do stairs, boxes, pretty much anything. (A new trick this week is that he can climb up the entire set of stairs by himself!)
  6. Use a different accent or funny voice.
  7. Mke a silly face.
  8. Tickle, tickle, tickle.
  9. Dust. The swiffer duster is apparently very comical.
  10. Make silly noises. Beep, sneeze, hiccup . . .
  11. Smile at him.
  12. Find a mirror.
  13. Wave, put your hands in the air, clap . . .
  14. Find an exciting toy. Which usually means something that was certainly not intended to be a toy. Wooden spoon, papers, magazines, box, shoes, Tupperware, belt . . .
  15. As far as toys go balls are probably the favorite. I just got him a big huge yoga ball that he loves. He likes it if you throw balls or bean bags at him or drop them on his head. Sounds weird but he absolutely cracks up.
  16. Open a door and let him make a mad dash for it.
  17. The list goes on and on. It is amazing the crazy things you do to hear that giggle--and the totally unexpected things that get it going.


JG said...

So, how heavy are these balls that you're dropping on your kid's head? :D By the way, I finally wrapped your christmas presents this weekend and I'm planning to mail them this week! You know what is making this so difficult? Not having a car! I have a gazillion things to ship, including my brother's birthday presents (from January) and I want to do it all at once but I can't figure out how to carry it all! I think I'll have Travis ship it all after work one of these days, since he has a car. Haha. Oh, also, the Doberman is Carmen's...we're just borrowing her while Charlie gets used to the new place. And did I tell you that Travis and I are getting a puppy?! Yes, it's crazy! We can't say no! So, when the puppy comes (in March) the Doberman goes. :)
Hey, that was a fantastic post on the laughing stuff. I'm just worried about everything that's getting dropped on this head. LOL!

JG said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment...I thought you would be happy for a tummy picture! My stomach is getting HUGE! I'm just thankful that nothing else seems to be getting too much fatter...yet. There's always time for my butt to balloon! Haha. Hey, time for a new post from you. I believe that I requested numerous videos???