Monday, February 11, 2008


So, let's see how my technical savvy is doing. I tried to upload two videos below. One is to document Joseph's special way of "crawling" (many have suggested I do so) and the other to show his new trick of standing! I know the second is going sideways, but it was cuter then the ones I took going the right direction. My tech savvy isn't good enough to figure out how to rotate it! Also, they are super short since they are just taken with my camera. Let me know if this works. All my best to everyone. (And yes, he is in his pajamas in the middle of the afternoon. Why not?)




Amy Serekede said...
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Amy Serekede said...

Yay video!! That is an interesting way of crawling - but it works! He's having a good time ripping your papers off the table - little rascal lol.

JG said...

Ruth! That is SO cool! I can't believe how big he's kind of weird watching such a "big kid" slink around on the floor! I have to remind myself he's still really just a "little kid." I can't believe how functional he is! So cute. I lovelovelove the videos--Ruth. You should put up more!!!

Elizabeth said...

ruth!! those are great videos of joseph. i love that babies are so pumped to play with random house hold objects like a wooden spoon. he looks great and i think you're doing a wonderful job!!