Friday, February 29, 2008

Can you wave Joseph?

It is pretty easy to tell when Joseph is learning a new motor skill (still something new everyday); however I find it much harder to see his linguistic progress. He makes all sorts of noises and sounds including of course "mama" and "dada," but I haven't seen any proof that he knows what he is talking about. He will mimic you, but that is not the same! Now for the first time I have some of that proof for which I have been waiting.

Last week we decided to try and teach him to wave. One evening we worked on it and he caught on! We were delighted. He was so into it that he did it all the time. When he woke up in the middle of the night and I went in to him he was waving away. Now the trick has further improved. As of two days ago if you say "can you wave Joseph?" HE WAVES!!! This is so exciting to me. Our first real verbal communication (beyond me responding to his cries/screams). Still waiting on communication going the other direction. I predict his first word will be “Kitty.”


JG said...

Oh, Ruth! I love it! (Still want a video though). :) It is amazing how fast your son grows and learns...just incredible. Let me know when he starts saying "kitty!" Have fun in Jersey!

Anonymous said...

You write about this very nicely, Ruth, thanks.


JG said...

Hey, I just left you a comment on my blog about your wishes of fatness for me! So you have to go look at my response. And, I want some Jersey pictures! And didn't I just order some videos?

JG said...

New can't imagine my disappointment every 1/2 hour when I check this and you haven't updated! Sheesh