Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cute curly haired guy

Excuses for not taking lots of photos lately:
  • It seems like Joseph has been sick for the last month. He has had everything from croup to RSV to an ear infection and of course lots of not so attractive snottyness. Nothing has seemed to bother him much (except when it comes to sleep) it just hasn’t been very picturesque.
  • Last week he also got quite a shiner--his first black eye. Not too pretty.
  • We are currently redoing our kitchen so the house is completely torn apart.
  • Last week I decided to try and knit Joseph a sweater. I really have no idea what I am doing, but I am hoping my enthusiasm will make it work out. I have been working on it obsessively.
  • I have finally started working. Only one day a week and at the local bookstore (pattern?) but it's a start.
  • Lots of time has been spent nursing my wounded pride. I have lost the bet. Joseph is not walking yet. He is trying though. He is just one big ball of energy. He cruises everywhere. Fast. And he is quite the climber. Besides the always great fun of climbing up the stairs, he climbed onto the couch for the first time yesterday and today he climbed right up one of those Fisher Price play slides. So actually I would say most of my time is spend chasing him around.

However Jenn has been harassing me so much I finally took a few pictures yesterday and today.

Beautiful boy. Look at those curls!


Cruising around

Things change fast around here.


Anonymous said...

I think he likes to have his photograph snapped.


JG said...

Yay, Ruth! I can stop freaking out! (for now). :)
He is such a little man! I can't believe those gorgeous curls. My supervisor says "he's a heart-breaker." I'm so glad I've been pestering you...those pictures are worth it! He's even cute when he's crying!

JG said...

2 things: I LOVE the sweatshirt! Does that say "Chicks dig me?" What a cutie! And, his teeth remind me of your old teeth (when we were kids). Cute! He is so adorable, Ruth. You must be just in awe of his adorable-ness!

Amy Serekede said...

Too cute! Can't believe he's going to have a birthday in a couple months - growing so fast!

Anonymous said...

Ruth, he looks just like you! Amazing! I hope I get to see you both soon! We really need to find a time when we are both free to talk on the phone, too!


JG said...

More posts! You can't blow my pictures up because I take them with my cell phone...see my response to your comment. I need a camera cable thingy!!! :) And a new post on your blog!