Friday, March 28, 2008

Baby's first phone call and other happenings

Apparently last weekend Joseph decided to give his buddy Mary a call. I had just called her to firm up plans for contra dancing that night and then I must have handed Joseph the phone to play with as I often do (when I am really in need of something to entertain him). She says she received a call from my number and could hear Joseph making baby noises on the other end! She had a little chat and then told him “tell your mom I will see her tonight.” Maybe Joseph was trying to get in on the contra dancing action? And why isn’t there a space in my baby book for “baby’s first cell phone call?”

Today Joseph's beloved daycare provider told me that she has hardly ever seen a child who dump's things, moves things, and generally tears things apart as much as Joseph!! She has a lot of experience on which to base this observation (2 children, used to be the director of daycare center, now runs a home daycare). I guess this explains why I spend all day running after him trying to clean up his messes . . .

Still no walking (I am trying not to think of this as a hurry, but it is so hard to resist). However, he is completely competent and very FAST at cruising along holding onto furniture. Last weekend he even started letting go. It only happens when he is very distracted and only last for a couple seconds. How fast things change!

I am trying hard to come up with a post that doesn't have to do with Joseph, but I haven't thought of anything yet . . .

And finally, for the benefit of Jenn (my vegetarian best friend):


  • Chicken
  • Ham
  • Turkey
  • Roast Beef
  • Hot Dog (whatever that is)
  • Sausage
  • Corned Beef (Saint Patty's Day)
  • Hamburger
  • Beef Stew
  • Salmon

But he does really love tofu too!


JG said...

Oh, wow, what an impressive list! He is well on his way to a life of murdering and devastating the planet! LOL. I've actually seen this list before on one of your comments, so it didn't come so much as a shock. I just chose to ignore it before. Anyway, I thought I'd let you know that I'm not that worried about him...Sophia will show him the light! (Did I tell you that Travis and I are leaning more towards "Sophia" now? And guess what "Sophia" makes me think of?! Why, Sophie Wilder Colt, of course!) :)
Hey we watched "The Man From Snowy River" last you remember watching that at my house and you got all upset at the part when the horse is running down the mountain and shut yourself in the bathroom upstairs and cried? So many things remind me of you! :)

amy said...

Quite the little carnivore you got there lol. He's letting go now? Walking is soon to come! and you think you're running around picking up after him now - just wait until he's running through the house leaving his path of distruction lol!

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Anonymous said...

When is tempeh going on the menu?


Mary said...

you should know that joseph and i have been conversing regularly since his first phone fact he'd like you to put me on speed dial.

any farm pics to post? such a blast having you up! kids are on the way, i'll keep you posted!

Anonymous said...

R, I'm just back from my little trip and I think you must have some nastiness in you to tease JG like that. She's good spirited--as you are--to say 'what an impressive list.'

Maybe it's time for boudin?


Ruth said...

I guess this might be a little mean. I thought of it jovial retribution for calling Joseph a "thing," "cat," "the baby" etc . . . But maybe I went a little overboard. None of this is mean spirited; I should know Jenn well enouph to know she likes to call people funny names. I am debating taking it off, but I do think it is pretty entertaining how he will eat just about anything (except eggs). I was actually more worried when I thought of Michele reading it, but she seemed fine. Ok, sorry all vegetarians. I should know better. He does love tofu and other soy products (which is good since he is mildly allergic to dairy).

No galloping down hill!