Friday, September 19, 2008

Dance parties!

Joseph LOVES TO DANCE which makes me very happy! It is the cutest thing in the world. Often I turn on music and we have little dance parties. Joseph and I run around the room being super silly. His favorite move is turning in circles. He gets pretty crazy about this sometimes and goes around so much he gets dizzy and falls down. But then he is right back up and doing it again. It is hard to get him to stop. His other moves include waving his arms in the air and stepping from foot to foot (kind of stomping his feet; from seeing my version of dancing to bluegrass music). Sometimes he combines his entire repertoire and he goes in circles waving his arms in the air while stepping from foot to foot. I have also seen him combine dancing and his other favorite activity, reading, by dancing around holding a book in front of his face! At my Grandmother Nora’s birthday party Nora (the best dancer I know), my cousin Heather, and I got him going which was a very special moment. He also has certain toys that make music and he will turn them on himself so he has some music to dance to (his daycare provider reports he does this there as well). Lately he has been charming everyone by dancing to his LeapFrog book. He definitely knows the word too and often will start dancing at my request. I think he also knows what an effect he has on people with his cuteness because he will kind of stop and look at you and make sure you are watching. Brad isn’t too big on dancing himself; Joseph already has more moves than his daddy. Everyonce in awhile he joins in, but more often he likes to watch, lauph, and encourage Joseph by clapping (which winds him up even more). Just start clapping and Joseph often starts dancing. So much fun!


Amy Serekede said...

Joe-fish better be prepared to put on a show for us next weekend!:)

JG said...

Cute! I love posts like that! Of course, now I want a dance video! AND a picture of the goat. :)

Marcia said...

oh my gosh I can finally get to your blog and see everything. Finally I enter the modern world with photos that actually load. What a cutie Joseph is!!!

Big smiles from Maine