Saturday, September 13, 2008

More around the house . . .

As usual, Brad has been busy with many projects.

This is the new barn. Very cute. And as of last night it houses the newest addition to our family: a young goat! However, my camera is dead so you will have to check back for more pictures. It is also home for Brad's other new toy (tractor).

The big project of the summer was clearing more land behind the house. Brad cleared all the way to the old stone wall. This was a TON of work given all the brush and stones. Brad then decided to fix up the wall, which was so much fun he ended up adding a whole new section. He really enjoyed working on it and I love the new yard!

Teaching is also going quite well for me. I felt much better once I was able to get started and am happy with my decision. The first weeks went much better then I ever expected! Right now Joseph is sick and has been for a number of days and this is the biggest issue to come up so far. Oh well! I will write more another time.


JG said...

OMG, I am SO happy to have a post from you! YAY! I AM SO FRICKEN HAPPY YOU FINALLY GOT A GOAT! Boy or girl? What's the name? Are you going to get more? Sounds like a lonely goat to me...
The barn is so cute, and the cleared land and stone wall looks so nice! Way to go, Brad!
I want pics of the goat!

Amy Serekede said...

I didn't even know Brad had started the barn until dad informed me he had finished. Guess it's been a while! We'll be coming up next weekend so hope to see the huge yard, barn, and new goat at some point!!