Sunday, November 9, 2008

September and October Pictures

Lots of Halloween fun! "Roarrrrr:"

He loves his puzzles!


In the right mood, he is so incredibly loving and cuddley

Singing with Grandfather Bob


JG said...

Those are the CUTEST pictures! I LOVE Joseph's little costume and his sweater and the t-ball picture! His hair looks SO looks a lot shorter (of course) and straight and dark! Where was the horse shot taken? Love the goats!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ruth, Nice photographs, nice variety in your blog, too.

Joseph always seems quite happy in his photographs with Cousin Bree--is this the correct spelling?


Anonymous said...

Dearest Ruth, so happy to see allllll those new pics. We get to see Joseph grow thru your updates. Jenna told us she didn't want to give him up last weekend!! hugs,Deb & Bill G.

Marcia said...

I think he was a cowardly lion. So adorable! I heard that recently he was not too cowardly. I understand that mordacity is a proper right of passage. LOL

xo from Maine

JG said...

Ok! Your turn!

Anonymous said...

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