Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Signs that Joseph is getting to be a “big boy:”

  • He gives the most amazing kisses and hugs. This is probably Brad and my favorite new game. We all hug and kiss away. He even says, “mmmmmmaaaauuhhh!” while he gives you a big wet kiss right on the lips.
  • He has his own little desk area set up. It is so adorable!
  • His favorite activity at his desk is to draw with crayons. He loves it. He also brings his artwork directly to the fridge because he knows that is where it goes.
  • He is also really into puzzles! I recently got him some more puzzles and these are probably his favorite toy right now.
  • He has used the potty a couple times! I’m trying not to get too excited about this . . .
  • Probably one of cutest and clearest things he says is baseball. In fact, he sometimes starts chanting, “baseball, baseball, baseball.” He has a t-ball set and baseball books that he adores.
  • He pretty much will repeat anything you say, though who knows how much he actually understands. It is also still quite hard to understand and I tend to have to translate for people. His first phrase was, “up in the air” which he learned from Grandfather Bob (in September—this is a bit tardy).
  • He still is a super dancer. A couple friends have watched him for me recently when daycare was closed and everyone comments on his dancing abilities! Just like Mommy J.
  • Also, like mommy, he loves his books. I have been meaning to write a whole post about how much he loves “reading.” This makes me very, very happy.
  • He has very definite opinions and ideas about things. And he lets you know. Sometimes instead of just screaming he actually screams no. The other day in the car he yelled, “no, no, no” over and over again and when he wakes in the crib this is what we hear on the monitor. When he wants to go outside he goes and gets his shoes and jacket. He knows exactly where the snack cabinet is.
  • Speaking of which, he still loves to eat. He does tend to spit out the green veggies though and he likes it best when dad cooks, because it is either pizza or spaghetti.


Anonymous said...

Those activities sound pretty exciting.

Thanks, Joseph, thanks, Ruth, thanks, Brad.


JG said...

Ruth I love this post! I am SO jealous! He is a real kid now, no doubt about it. No "Baby blob" for you! And having a real kid makes you a real mom. :)Wow.
The baseball thing is my favorite...I totally want a boy! (Not that girls can't play ball, but Joseph is such a BOY, and I want one of those!). Oooh...actually, maybe the art thing is my favorite; I can't decide! I can just imagine him bringing his stuff to the fridge...that kid has no confidence issues! I think you are an amazing parent, and Joseph is an amazing little boy. I can't wait to see him again!

Michele said...

Aw! I have not seen Joseph since he was crawling! This is unbelievable!

Jenna and I are available to hang out this coming weekend...what do you think?