Monday, October 20, 2008

New Goats!

About two weeks ago we found some more free goats in the newspaper that happened to be in Shoreham. So George (the baby) now has two pygmy goat friends, Buck and Little Buck. They are much more skittish then George so it was hard to get pictures of them. However, they are getting used to us and ate out of my hand for the first time tonight. We have lots of fun with all the goats and take George out to play almost every day!

You might notice in these pictures that they are actually all out of their pasture. The pygmies are very good at escaping and sometimes when we take George out to play they have to join in. However, as soon as we put George back in the barn they follow right along!


JG said...

Yay! We finally get to meet Buck and Little Buck! (You need new names for them STAT!).
Travis loves the goats, but just asked like a billion times what they're for. I think he has a hard time believing that goats are just nice to look at.
(What are they for again?)
Haha, just kidding (not really)...don't fall off! (Travis wrote in "not really")(no I didn't!) (YES he did) (shut up) Ok, last time he's allowed to help comment! Hehe (hey!!) that was Travis

Amy Serekede said...

Now I know you can be a lot more creative with their names! Glad George now has some friends - hopefully it has helped him stop beating himself up all the time lol. Can't wait to meet the new additions to the family!