Sunday, October 5, 2008

Minnesota Visit!! Yay!

I am such a slacker; I never posted pictures from my wonderful amazing fantastic Minnesota visit with Jenn, Sophia, Travis, and lots of Travis' family. It was such a treat and privilege to meet my best friend's daughter Sophia at just one month old. And even though Joseph can't yet appreciate the gravity of the situation, he also had a wonderful time (well, as usual except for sleeping: that didn't work out too well for either of us.) I so appreciate all that Jenn and her new family did for us and seeing her as a mom was AMAZING! I remember her dreaming up plans for our visit while she was pregnant and I figured she was crazy and with a newborn we would just hang out on the couch all day (which would have been fine). But, no, somehow she has more energy and calmness (it takes lots of both even though that sounds strange) then any new mom I could imagine. Were able to do all sorts of great stuff. Sophia is one lucky gal! So here they are, a bit dated, but still a great reminder of the wonderful time we had.


Amy Serekede said...

WOW you guys hardly hung out on the couch! Looks like Joe-fish will be a good boater one day!

JG said...

CUTE! What a nice post. :) I love the pic of Joseph looking out the plane window! I don't know about coming to VT...there might be a slim chance that we'd come for Christmas...we'll see! I know, we have to get the little couple together again...and write up that betrothal contract!

Anonymous said...

He thanks, Ruth. While I'd already seen most of these on JG's site I did also like the later ones of JRB. When he was in that black seat ... was that at an airport?

The four of you at the fair is a fine photograph, who took it?



Michele said...

Nice pictures! Hope to see you and Jenna soon. Let's plan a weekend.