Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Photos

Playing with the chicks

And the goats

He still loves to read!

Family BBQ--Joseph really adores "Bob" (my father). Sometimes he now even wants Bob over mom!

Sharing ice cream with GG (great grandma). We had a great time with Selma while she was here visiting in VT this past week.

On the Burlington Ferry.

Four generations!

Walking around Middlebury

Exploring Shoreham


JG said...

Yay! Finally...a post! I LOVE the pic of your dad, Selma and Joseph reading together on the couch! I love all your "family picnic" pics too. Looks very "VT Idyllic!" Your dad is SO sweet with wonderful they have such a strong bond! (I hope someday Sophia prefers someone as much/more than me so I can get a break!). Haha. Oh-one more thing--you look SO skinny! You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Nice photgraphs, R, I like 'em, thanks.