Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Margot and Misha

About two weeks ago we got some new kitties! It is actually a rather long, somewhat sad story . . . Brad saw free kittens in the paper and we decided to finally get some. There were two left when we got to the farm. One was playful and active, while the other had crusty eyes. The people said they were both 7 weeks old and that the orange one mostly slept, but was eating ok. We decided to get both and help them out, since they didn't seem to be getting the greatest care. We brought them home Sunday night and I could only get the orange one to drink and she continued to sleep a lot, but I thought she would be ok until the morning and I would then take her to the vet. However, when I woke she was not moving and died about 1/2 and hour later. So sad. I feel very bad I had no idea how sick she was. When I took the other one to the doctor later that day, he said she was actually 4 or 5 weeks old and she weighed one pound. The other one had been much smaller than that! He also said she was probably going to die no matter what and certainly wasn't well enough to be away from her mother. However, Margot seemed healthy, thank goodness. We buried the orange one. A couple of days later we saw more kittens close by and decided to get Margot a friend. These kittens were abandoned barn cats that were rescued at a day old and bottle fed, but very well cared for. Misha is the new one. He has funny non-symmetrical white spots and is scraggly and very funny. He puts up with Joseph sticking him in tractors and pushing him around and loves to lick. The original one is Margot and she is very pretty and dainty and also loves to cuddle. They are both two pounds now and seem to be doing fine. Very fun!

Do you know who they are named after?

Now we are off on our camping adventure! Woohoo!

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JG said...

Ooh they are SO cute! I can't believe how tiny they are! You have some very nice pics of them, too...love the one that's all sunshine. I'm so happy that Joseph has some kitty friends again!