Monday, December 28, 2009

First snow, holiday prep, and CHRISTMAS

First real snow! WOOHOO! Joseph was so excited.
He had been asking every single day when it was going to snow.

Helping to decorate the tree.

Helping to make candies for presents. He was actually very into this. He did this entire tray by himself--which is a lot of work since he had to unwrap a whole bag of hershey hugs.

I decided to throw this in to "round out the picture." Things are certainly not always organized and going according to plan. In fact, I am always hurrying around and tidying things up when I take pictures. Here is what things are like more often. Messy. Joseph was having snack when I ran upstairs to get my phone. When I returned he was standing on his chair, eating hummus with his hands, and sharing with Mischa. Hmmm..

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's with cousins Bri and Jacob.

He certainly knows what presents are about now!

Christmas was a bit of a fashion show for Joseph. Here he has new PJs on while trying out his new spiderman bike from daddy.

Pirate costume from me. This is what he always said he wanted from Santa.

Movie time. The one calm time ;)

Back to action. Dancing with Bri.

Poor grandma and her broken leg.

Checking out a new book with second cousin Charlie.

Second prime rib feast of the day!

More dancing! Can you tell Patricia is having fun?
Later, someone--Charlie?--seems to have hijacked my camera. But I will skip those pics. Probably save them for blackmail.

Christmas at the Wells.

SOOO much fun hunting monsters with Carly.


Anonymous said...

Ruth, you are just as stubborn--and mistaken--as the rest of them. Charlie is not Joseph's 'second cousin' but his 'first cousin, once removed.' Here is a Wikipedia artcile explaining this (for you hardheads: I figured it out all by myself):

But nice photographs and discussion--you and J look real good in the photograph of Xmas supper at Nora's log house.


JG said...

Wow...a wikipedia article explaining cousins! I'll have to look into it, because I can NEVER figure that stuff out! I would have said 2nd cousin too :)
Great pics...I love the "real pic" of Joseph and Misha eating hummus. Cute!