Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More overheard

J: “Great-gram is a rock star!”  I hung a picture of young Nora dancing and was talking to him about her being a ballet dancer.  This was his understanding.

J: “You have to share Mommy!”

J: “I want to, if I want to!”  This is his argument when he is starting to get really mad. 

J: “I will be the superhero and you be the princess.  You go ‘ahhhhh.’”  This is how he most often wants our play-pretend.  The other day I was honored to get to be a pirate not a princess.  Oh, and I also often get to be a horse.  Once he did tell me, “I will be the Daddy and you will be the Mommy.”  Hmmm . . .

J: “I am getting so big.”  “I am a big boy.”  “I am the oldest.”  “I am going to kindergarten.”

Grandfather Bob: “Oh, go put a sock in your mouth.” And what did Joseph do?  He went, found a sock, and put it in his mouth.  Hilarity. 

J: “When I use the potty, I will be big and ride the school bus!”

J: “Sorry, I can’t help you.”  I was telling him to do something . . .

J: “Can you squeeze my poop out for me?” 

J: “I bounced right off the ground!” Laughing, after he fell, hard.

J: “You are a bad boy!! I am going to throw you in a pot!”  I am not proud of this, but you have to remember the good and the bad right.  And actually it is pretty hilarious when he get’s really mad and start’s yelling this.  But, you can’t laugh or you are doomed.  Laugh and he will repeat anything! 

J: “There is lots of crying on this CD.”  After listening to a new Jonny Cash CD.  I thought this was a pretty good point.

J: “I am going to go tell Daddy you are not listening.”

J: “I hate everything about this dinner!”

J: “Do you like McDonald’s?”
R: “Not really.”
J: “Only Daddy and I like McDonald’s.  Do you like lettuce?”
R: “Yes. Do you like lettuce?”
J: “When I am older, I will eat lettuce.”


Anonymous said...

Thanks, R, good reading. There is a lot going on in that boy's head.


JG said...

OMG that is the best! I LOVE his comment on the Johnny Cash CD! And the "bad boy put you in a pot" thing. And the lettuce/McDonald's exchange. And that he literally put a sock in his mouth! He is lots of fun...I can't wait to see him!!!