Sunday, July 18, 2010

CAMPING 2010!!!!

We had a BLAST camping this year!  Amy, our wonderful organizer ;-) decided to try a bit earlier in the summer and I decided to try adding an extra day, and it all worked out great—mostly because the weather was perfect and there were hardly any mosquitoes!!!  We loved playing with cousins (most of the time at least), lots of yummy food, no TV or computer, lots and lots of time at the beach, some new friends, family visits . . .

IMG_0054 IMG_0056

Setting up camp (well I was setting up camp at least)

 IMG_0060 IMG_0066

Campfire and s’mores!\


Pancakes for breakfast!


To the BEACH!

 IMG_0073 IMG_0083


On the pedal boats, right before an epic tantrum.  But that is part of camping with a three-year-old!


All better and taking a rest in the tent.  Bree is such a special, special cousin.  Her reading and telling stories around the fire entertained Joseph for hours!


Brad visited and the kids all got a ride in the new car


Grandma and Grandpa came to play

IMG_0109 IMG_0117

We also left Branbury on Saturday to attend the Bristol 4th of July parade which we always enjoy:

 IMG_0118 IMG_0120 IMG_0123 IMG_0126 IMG_0128

Zeno Mountain’s most amazing float ever.  For a full minute I felt transported to the 60s!!!


Chasing down some candy.  Can you see the bulging pockets?

 IMG_0131 IMG_0134 IMG_0138 IMG_0142

Joseph’s first time on a horse!!!  I told him he could chose one activity from all that was available on the green and this was his choice ;-)


IMG_0155 IMG_0156

We returned to the beach after a nap (for both of us).  Each day we hung out at the beach in the morning and then again  from late afternoon well into the evening.  This worked out great and the sunset hours are some of my favorite memories.  Above was an epic water gun fight with cousin Jacob and some new friends.


On the fourth we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a BBQ/Jacob’s bday party (lots of fun, but no pics) and then returned to the beach.  Joseph even got to watch his first fireworks, which were actually being set off at a number of different places around the lake, making for a wonderful and very long show.


Our last day of camping, we hung out at the beach (of course!!).   Joseph even joined a class about the watershed, and was very involved, for some reason.


And a creemee of course


Oh, and, today I came home to another new toy!!! 


Anonymous said...

Where did that ubiquitous pirate costume come from?


JG said...

Lots of fun! Hey, you should photoshop the costume pics in with his birthday pics! Haha. Love all the cousins in the tent...sweet. And you look FANTASTIC! Can't wait to see you all!
And hey! First horse ride! Good job! He looks pefectly comfortable on that pony :)

Ruth said...

I gave J the costume for xmas (it was $10 on amazon and is exactly the same as one they have it his school). And yes he wears it all the time, EXCEPT the day I really wanted him to wear it.

SOOOO excited to see you all JG!!