Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GG Visits

IMG_0192 Our summer excitement continued this month with a visit from GG (great-grandmom; my father’s mother who lives, and has lived her entire life, in Philly). She actually partially came up to VT to think about moving here (?!!!!!???!) .  We had a super busy fun time enjoying this beautiful summer with her.  We had a lot of outings with “the boys and their mommies.” 


We went out to eat lots. Read books and did some “work.”

IMG_0194 IMG_0200

Found some beautiful new places to explore


Left Joseph at home to enjoy an evening cruise on Lake Champlain.


I was so happy to finally get a ride on Shoreham’s historic Carillion.  The event was put on by the Henry Sheldon Museum and included a historical lecture.  We left from Shoreham and traveled north up through the new ferry crossing, where the bridge was demolished early this year. 

 IMG_0219 IMG_0223

I really loved the old maps and pictures included in the presentation.  Above is a map showing the ownership of our land in the 1700s and a picture of the bustling port in Shoreham.  It is just amazing to think of Shoreham being that busy and all the important history that took place here!


The same week GG visited the Festival-on-the-Green was taking place in Middlebury.  This is a wonderful (free) community event that includes children’s performances every day at lunchtime and then music ever evening for a week.  I went with Joseph’s school a couple of days and Bob and GG joined us to watch Tom Verner (a Lincoln magician who I enjoyed countless times as a youngster).  Joseph and I also went by ourselves one evening (spur of the moment after a dinner at Flatbread) and had a BLAST.  Since it was spontaneous I grabbed my keys and that was all (meaning no camera).  But Joseph was adorable boogying right by the stage with the (probably tipsy) very exuberant crowd and some of his kiddo buddies.  For the next two days he was a “singer-man” instead of a pirate!


The two singer men.

 IMG_0262 IMG_0270 IMG_0274 IMG_0283

And we had a great visit to the cabin.  Family I don’t often see joined us for an afternoon of fun.   This is one of my favorite places.  Ever.



JG said...

What a great post! Joseph sure is a lucky guy...looks like a beautiful visit with GG. :) I love the pics of the 2 grandmas!
AND...you did something spontaneous? Just grabbed keys and went? Didn't put it on 2 different lists and pack 3 bags first? AWESOME! Good for you guys!!! I need to work on that! :)
On a more serious note...I have to say that some of your pics of VT just break my heart. Thanks for the beautiful photos...it's so bittersweet for me. But mostly sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, as always, Ruth. I appreciate the effort you put into this and the nice perspectives and attitude very much.

I certainly like your 'in action' photograph of J and me playing that dark guitar.