Saturday, March 12, 2011

Potty talk

There is A LOT of this in our house right now.  Has been for quite some time (well, actually ever since I have known Brad actually, but now it is multiplied since J inherited his sense of humor).  Here are two little stories we found humorous:

The other day J was sitting on the potty and called me in.  “Look mom,” he said.  “It’s a happy guy!”  (I was dying with laughter, which of course encouraged him.) “He has a party hat on.  He’s going to a party . . . “  And some crazy story about Mr. Peepee going to a party ensued.  I was laughing too hard to remember it all. 

Another incident happened a while back, and Brad has always thought I should post it here.  Brad and I were looking at the computer in our room while J sat on the potty in the attached bathroom.  Suddenly the door opened, a sock with poop on it flew out, and the door closed.  No explanation.  Hmmmm.  “What is that?”  Brad yelled.  J answered calmly, “it happens.”  HAAAAAAAA!  It too funny too stay mad.

Lots of deliberate potty jokes also occur.  J’s current favorite is to blame his gas on someone else.  “You farted mom!” is about the funniest line ever to him.  Just before bedtime tonight Brad and J went on an extended songwriting gig about sitting on the potty set to the tunes of his Pete Seeger CD.  It goes on and on.  Well, laughing is good (even when crass)!

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