Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snowy days!

"We are closed due to the storm. The select board has declared a state of emergency in the Town of Shoreham. Everyone is urged to stay off the roads. The state and local road crews have been unable to keep up with the drifts. Most of the roads are currently impassible. If you have a loader please contact Robin at XXX-XXXX. We could use your help."

This was the message yesterday at the Shoreham Town Clerk’s office.  We had quite a storm here!  It didn’t seem that bad to me, up on the hill here, but apparently it was record braking.  And certainly messy.  We got about 2 feet, maybe a bit more, with lots of drifts.  School and my work were closed both Monday and Tuesday this week, with convenient night before phone calls ;-)  Fortunately at our house no one had to go anywhere and we have been enjoying the snow.

We had tons of fun sledding down the driveway (AFTER dad plowed),
 IMG_0242 IMG_0247
played on the snow banks,
tried out some new snowshoes we were gifted,
enjoyed the beautiful sunset after the storm was over,
shoveled many paths,
IMG_0266 IMG_0267
And played, played, played.

If I worked on the road crew or had a real emergency that necessitated leaving the house I would not be enjoying it so much.   Apparently Grandpa Fred had to jump out an unused door with no deck to get out of there house.  Postal service was cancelled and, as indicated by the messages, civilians were called in to help the road crews.  I left the house today for the first time and did pass numerous unplowed town roads, abandoned cars, and HUGE AMAZING snow banks.  It feels like driving through a tunnel; the banks are higher then the cars! 

Here are some photos that were on my camera from before the storm.  It was so springy and warm we took the animals out for some playtime!
 IMG_0232 IMG_0233 IMG_0235

And these are pics from an earlier snowday just before we went to Philly.  I took Joseph to the school playground for a bit.

IMG_0088 IMG_0093

 IMG_0096 IMG_0098 IMG_0101

And here he is practicing his hockey moves!

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JG said...

Holy cow! You guys DO have a TON of snow! You might be rivaling us now! Good job making the best of it... looks like Joseph enjoys a big snowstorm! I'm glad you included that message... hilarious.
I'll have to show Sophia the pics of Bogey!