Wednesday, August 3, 2011

When I grow up can I be Santa? And more overheard:

  • J: How old do I have to be to drive a monster truck?
  • J: I don’t want to die—how do I live forever?  How do I live to infinity?
  • (Grandpa) Bob: You know you have to get dressed up for a funeral, right? Joseph: Of course; I am going to wear my pirate outfit.
  • J: When is Daddy gonna go to college?
  • J: When I grow up can I be Santa?  How does Santa give presents to EVERYONE? How does he know what to give everyone?  When I am Santa, I will make it Christmas now!
  • J: I want to grow a baby.  Me: Umm . . . you can’t grow a baby Joseph, only women can.  Joseph: Why not?  Me: Ummmm, only women can grow babies.  Further pestering.  I have debated getting the “birds and the bee’s” books, but he seems a little young . . .     
  • J:  I want to be a magician!  I can juggle! (meaning throw one ball in air and sometimes catch it)
  • J: What happens to your brain when you die?
  • J: Was I at your 13th birthday? Me: No, you weren’t born. Joseph:  Was I a seed?  (We actually talk about age all. the. time.  He is always asking how old everyone is and if they are older or younger than him, or older or younger then us, or how old he was when something happened etc. . . And for the time being he really believes he was a seed in my tummy.)
  • J: Did you poop in your diapers when you were a baby? 
  • J: I want a baby. . . a baby sister . . . named Isabelle! (by which he means, he wants friend Isabelle as a sister :-)
  • We talk about towns and other geography type trivia ALL THE TIME (and I barely encourage it).  These are the kinds of questions I hear constantly: What town are we in?  Where is the green sign?  What is the speed limit?  What town does ___ live in?  We live in New England.  Where is China? Africa? The North Pole? Minnesota? How far away is ___? Can we go to ______?
  • J: Pass that car!!  Please, please go faster than that car!  (Then we taught him about the dotted and solid lines).

And so much more.  (Most of the time) I love our discussions and learning what he is thinking!

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Michele said...

My parents bought a book for me when I told them that the baby in my body was getting bigger. I was about Joseph's age!