Friday, August 19, 2011

So. Much. Fun. (Photo dump)

I finally figured out how to get pictures off my new phone (which actually seems to take better pics than my camera) so here are the first batch.  We sure have been busy!


Watching the Memorial Day Parade


Brad’s birthday cake


hanging at Grandpa’s


moose we say going over that gap on the way to my work CAPE TRIP! (Best work trip ever—well probably only—amazing, great, and all I am allowed to say is, “it was beautiful weather and we had a lovely time.”  I was drilled on this response.)


Watching GG’s (great-grandmom Selma) plane come in, with grandpa bob when she visited in mid-June


enjoying our visit to Ben and Jerry’s

 IMG_0110 IMG_0113

the new bridge in progress!

WP_000002 WP_000004 WP_000005 WP_000006

Tie-dye fun at Megan’s birthday party


picking strawberries in Shoreham

 WP_000009 WP_000010 WP_000011

can you imagine a more beautiful place to pick?

WP_000012 WP_000014

working at the library (I am savoring these last months before everything goes electronic)


Admiring Debbie and Bill’s amazing garden at a party they had when Jen and Sophia were here visiting


Joseph and Sophia admire the gardens

WP_000017 WP_000018

And try to find Waldo


a WONDERFUL day at the river at Jenn’s old house with her whole family as well as Alice and her baby bump


visiting Dad at work


kid-napping our beloved Isabelle


look at that STYLE


camping—early morning dip in our pj’s with the lake to ourselves


treasures WP_000050


WP_000056 WP_000059

Falls of Lana trail (part of Branbury State Park where we camp)-an enchanted world

WP_000061 WP_000065 WP_000067 WP_000076 WP_000078 WP_000084

eating WP_000089

and very tired out

Lots more pics to come!  And I tried making them bigger as requested . . .



Genevieve said...

I love all the new photos Ruth, it looks like you guys are having an amazing summer!

JG said...

BEAUTIFUL pics! I can't believe you took those with a phone!!!
What an amazing summer :) I love the pic of J sleeping, too... like a sweet lil baby!
I have to admit VT is like the most beautiful place on the planet. I can't deny it! I know you know you're lucky to live there!