Saturday, September 3, 2011

More summer pics

Still trying to catch up on posting (and sorting) summer pics.


   4th of July in Bristol—always fun  IMG_0138

swimming at the pond


climbing trees


swim lessons!


going off the diving board!


field days


scything contest

IMG_0237 IMG_0239

watching with cousin Jasper


Marc and Jasper


Go uncle Marc! (Marc, Liz, and Jasper ALL one first in their classes)IMG_0250

pig races

IMG_0253 WP_000143

step-cousins visiting from Italy!

WP_000152 WP_000153 WP_000159

watching the magic show WP_000160

Joseph gets to go on stage the first time


And again!  Joseph loves all things magic.  Last year we watched this—extremely cheesy—show three times.  This year we watched it twice.  Since Joseph had already seen it he knew exactly when to raise his hand to volunteer and his hand in the air before the magician even asked.  This was definitely a special moment for us.  Joseph was SOOO exited.  It was nice to see him being very brave and cooperative on stage.  The magician asked Joseph some questions to start with and was very surprised when Joseph told him he was four.  The magician obviously had been meaning to choose some one a bit older to help him with the trick and kept saying, “i can’t believe you are four.  Are you sure?”  But, Joseph surprised the magician and was able to do what he asked.  SOOO cute!

 WP_000164 WP_000165 WP_000171

We also had lots of fun enjoying rides.  I got a bracelet to and we met a bunch of friends.  Joseph can now go on most rides and he loves it!  It is really neat that he can go on rides that are fun for me.  I see a long future of crazy rides together for us.  Ok, actually to be completely honest, now that I am getting older I can not go on all the rides I used to.  Joseph always wants to go on the fast extremely spiny ones and, after feeling a bit queasy on one, I learned my lesson. 


A couple of weekends ago the neighbors had their annual yard sale.  We brought some stuff to sell down as well and it was adorable watching Joseph and Carson do business.  Mostly Joseph bought Carson’s brownies and they each bought each others toys.  We spent most of the weekend playing, selling, and buying.  It was a great weekend activity!


We have also continued to attend “Lil’ Kickers” summer soccer.  This is the completely informal idea that Adam hatched and a core group of us kept it going after he passed away.  For me this was an extremely important way to honor Adam.  Probably because of all the emotions around this Joseph often did not want to attend, but I basically made him because it was so important to me.  Of course once things got going Joseph was almost always one of the most involved players.  Usually he had a blast and I was shocked that they actually learned how to dribble the ball with their feet.  I can’t even do that!


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JG said...

Oooohhhh! LOVE IT! That last pic of the kids dribbling away with their soccer balls is so great! And, how cool that Joseph got up in front of everyone and helped out with a magic show?! That's awesome! He is turning into such a "big kid."
And, yes, you TOTALLY should enter him in a fun run! Think of all the energy he would expend! :)