Friday, September 16, 2011

Finishing up the summer photos . . . and starting fall

There is no mistaking fall in the air now.  Last night was all about wool socks, fleece pants, and hot, hot soup.  I would have made our first fire of the year, but didn’t get home until too late because I was at a class.Today, I am intentionally using the oven to heat things a bit, as well as try roasting what is probably my last batch of tomatoes before a frost hits.   

Anyways, I guess it is time to finish posting and organizing pics from the summer.  We are starting way back in the end of June/beginning of July when my “besty” Jenn was here with her fam for her little brother Chris’ wedding.


We had a wonderful day at the river where we grew up.

And a great party at another friend Jenna’s childhood home.

more river

They even fit in a visit here one evening!

The main event though was of course the wedding.  Joseph ended up being the last minute ring-bearer.  This was lots of fun and highly stressful for Joseph and I.  Neither of us are the best with getting dressed up and all that goes along with these huge events.  It was A LOT of waiting and not knowing what was happening and waiting and trying to be flexible for Joseph.  

 IMG_0119 IMG_0120 IMG_0121 IMG_0122 IMG_0126 IMG_0128

Out of his fancy clothes and DANCING.  Now he was in his element.  He and Sophia danced all night long.  Seriously.  The party was perfect for him.  He danced until past 10 and his legs were hurting.  I didn’t even have to worry during the party; I always new where he was—on the dance floor!

More summer pics:


a fun summer walk behind our house with lots of hamming it up

 WP_000096 WP_000097 WP_000098 WP_000104 WP_000109

playing at the cabin with visiting friends (from Senegal and DC)

WP_000111 WP_000117 WP_000123

playing at grandmas with all the step-cousins (even the ones that live in Italy)


we enjoyed their new pool LOTS this summer


more Field Days pics I just found

 IMG_0272 IMG_0273 IMG_0275          WP_000185

a walk in Weybridge with grandpa Bernie

 WP_000190 WP_000194 WP_000201



a visit from Jordyn  WP_000214

Nora’s birthday at the cabin

 WP_000215 IMG_0296

Heather’s Bridal shower!  Eileen dreamed up the theme and I went crazy with some fun games.  It was a complete BLAST!  If you have a party and want some funky games; I’ll be your girl!

 IMG_0299 IMG_0301 IMG_0305 IMG_0309  WP_000243

first day of school this year (best pic I could get)


Shoreham Day!


Lego competition at Shoreham Day.  We loved Shoreham Day (also celebrating Shoreham’s 250th birthday this year) and spent all day there.  From the huge book sale, great food, bouncy houses and games, tractor pulls, to the lego competition, street dance into the night and fireworks, it was a wonderful community event.  


The lego competition was serious stuff.  The teenage organizer put a pile of legos on the table, set a timer for twenty minutes, and the kids worked silently on their creations.  Then other kids walked around, asked questions, and then conferred to determine a winner from each table.  The winner got to keep their legos.  I loved watching Joseph and the others work so diligently.  Joseph played two rounds and even was designated a “winner” the second time ;-)


land Brad may buy (on a back road in Shoreham—his offer has been accepted, but we are still trying to figure out the    


hiking at Mount Independence in Orwell

 WP_000307 WP_000312 WP_000321

Vermont State Fair!

 WP_000323   WP_000330

“Helping” Dad at work

WP_000332 WP_000337

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JG said...

WOW! what a load of pics! I love the one of Soph and Joseph kind of holding hands during wedding picture time! Yes, the wedding was a bit challenging for the little ones, but ended up being a great time! I'm so glad you both (and your dad) joined us! LOVE the pic of the pickup truck! Ok, I look ind of chunky in that pic, which I don't love, but it's still super cute :) Love all the Vermonty fun... Shoreham days... the fair... hiking (especially with Grandpa--how sweet!)... you guys had a PACKED and awesome summer!