Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am coming to terms with the fact it really is fall.  This summer seemed to go so fast (though I know it always seems that way) and had such highs and lows.  But, I do love the traditions and beauty that go along with autumn.  Last week Joseph and I headed down the road for our own little apple picking expedition.   WP_000354 WP_000355 WP_000373 WP_000375 WP_000376

This was the first year he tried out the climbing tree method of apple picking and that certainly added to the fun.  He was also very methodical this year .  He considered exactly which apple looked biggest and then very carefully checked the apples for any blemishes.  We also did some taste testing and selected Golden Delicious and Macintosh as our current favorites.


Joseph requested an apple pie and so we later went all out and had a wonderful backing project and made my favorite apple pie I have ever made.  Fall at its best! 


Happy Fall!

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