Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where does he get it from?

Coordination/athleticism:  Brad (thankfully)

Sense of adventure/ interest in trying new things:  Me

Sense of direction:  Brad

Very keen observation skills: Brad

Life of the party-ness;  ???

Being extremely OPINIONATED and STUBBORN (or we could say he knows what he wants, isn’t afraid to express it, and is very persistent):  BOTH (no question about it)

Dark, dark brown eyes and long lashes:  Brad

Perfectionism: Me

Competitiveness:  Both

Flexible tongue: Me

Potty humor to umpteenth degree:  Brad

Creativity/imagination: Me

Long, fast growing nails: Me

“Husky build”:  Both

Great appreciation for food, especially sweets:  Me

Impeccable memory: ??

Love of books:  Me

Compulsion to climb anything:  Brad

Non-interest in ever playing by himself:  Neither

Interest in talk, talk, talking and a immense vocabulary to go along with it:  Me

Fair skin:  Both

Skin issues:  Me

Tons o’ hair:  Me

Tech savy:  Me

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Anonymous said...

Nice list, thoughtful; you have pretty good observational skills yourself.