Monday, May 28, 2012

vacation, hike, b-days, t-ball, and a fun run!

I am working on going through all my pictures . . .  here we are back during April vacation (the last full week of April).  It was one of my favorite vacations—described here.  We had many adventures, but also lost of naps!  I tired him out as much as possible (but didn’t take many pictures; sorry).


Playing in the field while daddy works


I worked one morning at our library.  This is what I came home to!


A hike with friends Courtney, Wyatt, and Isabelle; the crew of personality that we do not see enough!


It’s hard to get a picture, unless you allow silly faces Winking smile


Ahhh,  Nap!  So cozy.  Do you see superman resting next to Joseph? He even has a pillow Joseph sewed just for him.WP_000907

We spent the night in Lincoln with great-gram


Hanging around at the pigroast





Joseph finally figured out how to ride without training wheels and enjoyed riding all over the town of Bristol with grandpa Bob.  It was a little terrifying for me; but really great practice!



Now for bday party number 1.  Joseph and cousin Jacob enjoyed Legos while I finish getting ready for our annual BBQ for Joseph and my birthdays.


SUNSHINE!  (Since we having been having these parties it has never been nice enough to eat outside.  So exciting!!)


John and Eileen—who are getting married today!


Trying to lite the candles.  Not happening.


Joseph pretending to blow out the candles instead—and being a good sport about it.


A bow and arrow from dad!


More presents


Who is having more fun with the bow and arrow?


New costume from me! 


First t-ball game!


Batting.  I am impressed by the courage of these kids to get up in front of everyone and bat . . . and super impressed Joseph even manages decent hits!


And (look at this Jenn!) we even joined in the Apple Blossom Derby here in Shoreham, for a little fun run action.


My favorite part: Shannon, chair of the library board and all around awesome lady, leading the kiddos in some warm-ups.  So cute.  Also documented in the Addy Indy, our local paper. 



So, as for the actual run, I was imagining a short run down the road, but actually it was a mile.  I wasn’t planning on running, since I thought it would be a little dash.  When we found out how long it would be I said I would run, but he still didn’t want me to.  He had no idea  how hard it was going to be!  He definitely got discouraged, and somehow—I do not know how—he actually only did the loop twice.  You were supposed to go around three times to make a mile.  I lost track of him, because I was trying to change spots so I could help him out with the last little bit.  While I was crossing the green he somehow was counted as finishing and given his rewards.  Oh well. Next year we will know what to expect and be better prepared.  Still we had fun.


Face paint and the dog tag prize.

And, that’s enough for now . . . bday party #2 still to come!


Meredith said...

1) I love your home! So light-filled and Vermonty. Makes me very homesick.
2) Are you sure you still have the same Joseph? I swear he's completely changed looks/grown up from your last post to this one. Wow. Happy Birthday to you both!

JG said...

Of course I am super psyched about the fun run! It's HARD isn't it?! Sophia only did a 1/2 mile, but we definitely had "meltdown moments" and it was difficult. It was also totally fun, but I was a bit shocked by how challenging it was. Even little kids get the mental challenge and reward of completing a run! My favorite pic is of Brad and Joseph sleeping. Cute! And, ditto on Meredith's comment about your Vermonty pics. I had the hardest time with the Bristol biking pictures. Miss it!
Loved this post. Can't wait for Bday party #2 :)