Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thunderdragon of the Week

For the last couple of months a student a week from Joseph’s class has been highlighted as the “Thunderdragon of the Week” (his class is called the Thunderdragons).  Joseph has been so anxious to have a turn, and finally-on his birthday week-it came. 


We submitted some pics and the teachers and students conducted a little interview:


And then another wall highlighted his time at school. 


A huge mural he a couple other friends created.


JG said...

Ruth this is an AWESOME post!!! I'm so glad you decided to put it up! His school seems really wonderful. Remember "special person of the week" at Lincoln Elementary? I kept my special person star until college. Even after Chris wrote "U SUCK" on it. Brothers! I love the interview... I'm with him on the dessert question! His answers are so interesting. Rob Zombie? Really? Wouldn't have guessed that! I like his bike answer too. Lots of good ones! The "school wall" is great too. That's so neat they do that! Now... where are the birthday photos??? ;)

Anonymous said...

JG, if you'd ever taken a long car ride with Joseph you'd know that he likes Rob Zombie; try it sometime!