Sunday, June 24, 2012

Halloween Kids Bday Party

Helping get ready
estimating game
making sock monsters
worms in the punch!
pinata time
monster cake
cake pops
playing with a new toy after the party

If you are interested I collected ideas for the party here:


JG said...

Was this Joseph's kid party??!! In MAY?! I'm sooo confused by the Halloween-ness. I think that might raise you to a new level of awesome mom-ness?
What an amazing cake! And cake pops! (Okay I need to know how many hours those cake things took you!). Looks like soooo much fun!!! We need more details about the theme, though. More text! Great pics!

Ruth said...

Yup-that was Joseph's kid bday party! I thought it was pretty cool. Halloween is pretty much his favorite thing and I wasn't willing to have teenage mutant ninja party so we decided to have a halloween party and then everyone got to dress up however they wanted, including a Michelangelo costume for J of course. I forgot to take pictures of lots of things, but it wasn't super themey. I am trying not to stress myself out as much. The cake pops were super easy--they are actually oreo truffle balls--, the only thing that took a long time was putting all the "hair" on the actual cake. The party was stressful though cause two days before the party I only had like 4 rsvps and then suddenly about 15 kids ended up coming. Oh well!! Can't wait to see all your vacation pics ;-)