Sunday, June 17, 2012

talk, talk, talk

“I’m doing American culture because I play baseball.”

“It’s great to be 5!” Later when mad, “I’m not a happy 5 year old anymore.”

“Can kids get cancer?”

“Is Minnesota longer than a night aways? Do they have lots of soda?” (think, Minna-sota!)

“Is great-gram older than Abraham Lincoln?”

Asking me to guess the weight of something: “How many announces do you thing were in there? You are correct.”

“How much does the world cost?”

“What is the first town?” (I responded, unimaginatively, that I did not know.) Joseph continued, “I think it is Shoreham, because Shoreham is smallest. it is smaller than Middlebury and Cornwall.”

“Hey tree. Where do you go to the potty?”

Playing soccer my goal is the whole side of the garage. His goal “is invisible and it moves.” 

“Books know a lot about things!”

About a car store: “Why do they sell cars? Do they want to be rich?”

Me: “Why is it hard for you to sleep at night?” Joseph: “The night is too long. Why is it so long? It should be a minute shorter.”

Me, before a long drive in the middle of the afternoon: “If you’re tired, feel free to rest.” Joseph: “How long is it?” Me: “About half-an-hour.” Joseph: “Oh I’ll sleep if we drive to Australia.” 

“Can I have a dollar bill, but not a George Washington?”

And today, “Dad’s a boy, and I’m a boy, so can Father’s Day be for me too?”

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JG said...

These are my favorite! But, grr, I've been collecting a page of Sophia quotes for over a WEEK, but now I'll have to wait to post them so it doesn't look like I'm "copying" you. ;) I love the MN shout-out! Of course now I'm assuming this means you guys are thinking of making a trip out here... woo-hoo!! It's not a terrible drive; I've done it straight through! I love the soccer goal... the long night quote... love how kids' minds work!