Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First trophy!

Joseph has been ogling trophies and hoping for one of his very own for years (and he's only just 5).  He finally got one!
This past week we spent lots of time at Addison County Fair and Field Days (our local agricultural fair which is a HUGE deal around here and was always the highlight of my summer growing up).  We enjoyed lots of what the fair has to offer (and many more pictures will someday by uploaded) but the arm wrestling competition was quite the thrill.  Joseph loves anything competitive and was very excited to enter the arm wrestling competition.  He entered the 5 and under category and bravely got up in front of everyone in the main tent to wrestle his peers.  It is all very official with referees in special shirts, announcers, rules, lots of protocol.  Anyways, he went up 4 or 5 times  . . .  and never lost!  Hence, the first place trophy.  His biggest competition was friend and soon-to-be classmate Tanner who took second.  Brad also entered in the adult competition.  Joseph was of course convinced his amazing dad would get the trophy as well.  Brad won his first round, the lost two, but he put up a great fight and it was very respectable.  They have both been doing exercises every night since to get ready for next year.  I myself have no interest in entering. 


Meredith said...

That takes guts to get up in front of everyone! A trophy for a job well done is even more rewarding than the participation one. And that's hysterical that they've both been practicing :)It was good to see you on Thursday.

JG said...

Yay for Joseph! This post was really great writing, too, Ruth! I really enjoyed it! I need pictures of the event, though. Wish we could have been there!