Monday, August 27, 2012


I have finally figured out why I love my garden so.  It is like a big science experiment all summer long.  And then the additional fun of all sorts of culinary experimentation.  With the added benefit of being healthy, beautiful, cheap, outside, and so much more. 

Some flowers and herbs on the porch (and the house is all repainted!)

I also planted my first perennial flowers--black eyed susan's given to me by our neighbor.  I put them in all sorts of places.
Most recent picture with the sunflowers blooming!

**Update: I need to eat my words about Joseph playing by himself.  We had a couple good weeks on this front this summer, but lately again, it has again seemed an impossible task.  Frustrating for me.  However, it has helped me feel more excited about kindergarten.  Not just selfishly, but also, Joseph seems to really liked organized activities of any sort and I think kindergarten will provide lots of that!

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JG said...

Ok there is no pretending that I'm not incredibly jeeaaaallllloooouuuussssss of your garden! VT is so lush and beautiful... and I LOVE the plants on your porch! And the black eyed susans around the shed... nice color contrast. The paint job on the house looks really nice too! Very nice! And hooray for kindergarten! Does Joseph start this week? Sophia's first day of school is tomorrow and she's CAN'T WAIT! :) And, FYI, all of a sudden Sophia really likes us to play with her. If I have to pretend to be a car one more time I think my head will explode. Maybe it's the changing of the seasons?? Or on some level they realize school is just around the corner and they'll have less time to monopolize the adults in their lives??