Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thunderdragon Slide Show

At the end of each year at Joseph’s preschool his teachers gave us a slideshow of Joseph’s pictures from the year.  I have been wanting to share, but couldn’t upload it since we were using broadband (after the lightening strike to the house), but I just got a new wireless router and am back in business.   Thunderdragon by the way was the name of Joseph’s class.


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JG said...

Love the slideshow! What a crafty, hands-on very cool preschool! Joseph looks soooo project-oriented. And you can see the perfectionist in him! There's definitely some intense concentration going on! I love the clay modeling... the bubbles... the two boys zipped in one jacket... the wood working and the block city... looks like an amazing place :) And I'm SO glad that you have normal internet again! Now my expectations will be higher ;)