Friday, September 28, 2012

Going WAYYY back (June)


Catching up on pics, now that I can post the normal way again!  Recognize this guy?  It’s my old high school teacher Mr. Ross at the Maritime Museum's annual Pirate Festival.


As part of the festival we were able to be part of a reenactment.  We hid on a ship while a pirate ship attacked, but then were saved by another ship (an English cutter?  Joseph could tell you the right terminology) that came to defend us and scared them away.  Guns firing, shouting and everything!  Joseph loved it (big surprise). 


The family show.   These boys were beyond adorable.  The younger couldn’t have been much older than Joseph and was part of al the stilt walking, fire juggling, balloon animal acts!


Pirate tug-a-war!


A get-together at the cabin (my gram’s).  Such special times.


We revived a made up game from our childhood; “roofball.”  Almost everyone got into the game!


And of course a swim in the pond.


Love all the boy cousins!


Fuzzy pic, but I was impressed with him jumping with just the noodle.  I was so surprised by this I would never have predicted that by the end of the summer he wouldn’t even need that!


Traditional run up the path!  Roger wouldn’t have it any other way.


How cute is that!!  Charlie is such a fun cousin.  Joseph would like to be just like him!


Summer reading story hour at our library.  Since the new librarian started last year and with the big addition our Shoreham Library (Platt Memorial) has a lot more going on and many more patrons attending events.  We are lucky to have an active local library.


First time fishing!  (Grandpa Fred took Joseph, and cousins Jacob and Jonathan while I worked at the library.)




Cousins being silly!


Making progress on getting caught up!  Posting these pictures do make me a bit nostalgic for the warmer weather. It is full on fall now.  Today is chilly and damp.  We have a fire going and this afternoon Joseph and I made apple pizza with the apples we picked last weekend!

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JG said...

Hooray for catching up! The pirate reenactment looks SO fun! Joseph must have been over the moon about that! Love all the cousin activity too... I love the pond pics from Nora's. That was always my favorite thing about her place. VT is so beautiful!