Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow Bowl Ski School


For this years February vacation I wanted to do something a little different so I signed Joseph up for “Ski School” at Snow Bowl.  He was excited initially, then became a little nervous.  He also maintained that he wants to snowboard, but I told him you have to learn to ski first, since you have to be 8 for snowboard lessons and Snow Bowl.


Anyways, he really seemed to end up enjoying the week.  He took off as soon as he got those things on!  The first day he complained about not getting to go on the lifts and big mountains, but  low an d behold his dreams came true.  Day two they went on the kids hill with a small lift and day three the went on the big lift.  From then on the flew down the mountains.  He is so much different then me—I am still scared of lifts.  I tried skiing twice, thought it was terrifying.


It made me very nervous, but he loved it!


They were so cute following each other down the hill!


He made a new friend as well—the one in black with red gloves. They had such a blast and rode the lifts together (with Casey’s dad following) for a bit after their last day of lessons on Friday.


Fun times!

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JG said...

It was really fun looking at these pics... I remember being taught to make the "pizza" with skis and going on the lift for the first time (I think it was through Lincoln church?)... did he use the tow rope at all or do they go right to a chair lift? Anyway, super cool... Joseph clearly has some good athletic skills!