Sunday, March 3, 2013

Philadelphia trip

A couple days after Christmas Bob (my father), Joseph, and I took a trip to Philadelphia to visit my grandmother.  It was a wonderful trip!


A high priority, every trip to Philadelphia, is a trip to Hymmie’s (sp?) our favorite delicatessen.  As yummy as always.  And some sillyness.


Another tradition when visiting the big city is checking out the museums.  We decided Joseph is now old enough for some of our favorites.  First we visited the Franklin Institute.


Joseph is now the fourth generation to enjoy this museum as a child.  However, the heart wasn’t there when Selma (my grandmother) was a youngster, but Bob and I both remember it well.  It’s funny cause it seems kind of hooky as a grownup, but it makes a big impression to the kids.  Joseph insisted on many trips.


Touching the oldest thing you will ever touch-a five billion year old meteorite from space!  So cool.


The next day we went to my very favorite museum, The Penn Museum of Archeology and Anthropology.  We all enjoyed this one as well.  Joseph loved the mummies and the café.


A big hit this time, back at grandmom’s, was backgammon!


I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but we also enjoyed visiting with family, lots of great food, some swimming, movies, and lots of time together.


Our drive there and back went well.  Joseph of course never slept, even though Bob and I both took naps, but he did fine.  He got very into helping with getting gas.

That’s about all I remember—it was awhile ago!  Still think I might catch-up on posting sometime . . .  

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JG said...

Oooh love the museums! That's like my favorite family activity! And, yes, I really hope that you continue to catch up ;) ;)