Sunday, March 31, 2013

More looking back: Weeks 9, 10, &11

(Sorry, I don’t have any pictures from this time period.)

Week 9 update-1/8/13

How big is baby? The size of a green olive.

Appointment Updates: Ultrasound on Wed. went pretty well—it was amazing to see that the fetus already looks like a baby! A little like a gummy bear, but much more baby like then I expected. They did also find a cyst on my ovary, but didn’t seem to concerned. Also, baby was a little big, so they moved my due date up four days to 8/12/13—which I was not surprised about at all. I have known for so long I figured I was a little ahead.

Best Moment of the week: Telling Joseph! I was really wondering how this would go, but it was amazing! He asked lots of great questions, came up with all sorts of plans, and talks to baby all the time. It is amazingly adorable.

Sleep: More comfortable. And I like a lot of it!

Food aversions: Much better. I can eat pretty normally again now. The idea of raw chicken still really, really bothers me though.

Food cravings: Hmmmm . . . I indulged myself with a bagel this week, which was super yummy, but made me really miss my favorite bagel combo with lox and cream cheese. I miss it sooo much. More than alcohol and coffee. I think I will get some ASAP after giving birth!

Symptoms: The worst this week was a really bad headache—exacerbated by a horrible day at work. I went to bed when I got home. Still super vivid dreams as well, which is pretty fun!

Maternity clothes:  Still thinking about it . . .

Gender: No idea! Though lots of the time we (Brad, Joseph, and I) tend to refer to it as “he” or “brother” ;-) We do know there is just one though now.

What I miss: Same.

What I am looking forward to: Continuing to make progress . . . I am still having a hard time dealing with being so early—it is very strange. We are starting to tell people know, but it makes me extremely nervous. I will be 10 weeks tomorrow, but it still seems so early and like anything could happen. Last time (due to very strange circumstances) I found out at 16 weeks and told people at 19, so by then things were MUCH more established. Oh well. It’s all part of the process.

Next appointment:  Two weeks for my 12 week checkup!


Week 10 update-1/19/13

How big is baby? The size of a prune

Appointment Updates: None

Best Moment of the week: Hmmm . . . pretty typical week. I love that Joseph is having so many new adventures at school. Ha—and he just looked over and read this ;-)

Sleep: Sleeping pretty well and still sleeping as much as possible.

Food aversions: I am wondering if I will ever be a chicken fan again? I also have trouble with Brad’s healthy foods: beans and the protein shakes he is into now really bug me. Yuck.

Food cravings: Still really loving soups. Tried some new recipes this week, such as a kale, sausage, ravioli soup and cream of tomato soup. My appetite definitely came back and I am glad to be able/willing to cook again. Last night I made a big yummy meal—stuffed shells, squash, and apple crisp. It was awesome! Also, anything I am not allowed to have sounds super awesome, especially pepperoni and smoked salmon.

Symptoms: Mild nausea. Tired.

Maternity clothes:  Not yet . . .

Gender:  ??

What I miss: I guess I am starting to get used to this idea of being pregnant!

What I am looking forward to: Just making progress and telling more people.

Next appointment:  Next Wed. for 12 weeks!!!


Week 11 update-1/26/13

How big is baby? The size of a lime.

Appointment Updates: Had a pretty good appointment this past week. It was my first time meeting another one of the midwives and I really liked her. Since I tend to worry about this a lot her very laidback, calm attitude was such a comfort for me!

Best Moment of the week: I saw lots of friends which was fun, found out one is expecting as well! Also, I thought I felt baby move, but now I am skeptical. At the time I was totally convinced though.

Sleep: Still pretty tired. Sometimes

Food aversions: Still not a fan of meat and cooked vegetables—you know the healthy things.

Food cravings: Cheese! String cheese is like my crack. Oh and I still really, really miss crystal light—well actually sometimes I indulge. I also had a dream about crystal light: I went to some restaurant and was so happy to see that they had Crystal Light smoothies—oh it looked so good in my dream!

Symptoms: Tired.

Maternity clothes: Not yet, but thinking about it. I did buy a pair of yoga pants though. I was wearing them one morning and Joseph asked me not to walk him into school with my pajama pants on! 

Gender:  Who knows?

What I miss: All the foods I’m not allowed to eat.

What I am looking forward to: Baby growing! Feeling baby move!

Next appointment: Late Feb.

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JG said...

Love love love it! I love the gummi bear comment. :) It's fun to read up on these and find out what you were thinking and feeling at the time! I'm still a fan of Brad's health food kick... soup is good too though!