Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weeks 12, 13, & 14


Week 12 update-2/4/13

How big is baby? The size of a plum.

Appointment Updates: None.

Best Moment of the week: Hmm—we had a nice meal out at Mr. Ups on Friday and a wonderful walk all around the land where we will be building a new house on Saturday.

Sleep: Sleeping fine most of the time. No more round ligament pain. Sometimes I do have trouble falling back to sleep when I wake up, which is pretty unusual for me.

Food aversions: Bluck. Still don’t really have any interest in most things healthy.  Brad is doing a lot of the cooking, usually meat, beans, rice, and other vegetables. I like the idea that he is cooking healthy, but I do not like the smell of it! Yuck!

Food cravings: The only things that really seem good are carb type. Oh and I did buy some sherbert! YUM!

Symptoms: Tired and emotional. One day I was super nauseas again, but usually that isn’t so much of an issue anymore.

Maternity clothes: A friend gave me a bunch of maternity clothes and I tried some on for the first time this weekend—and all of a sudden I feel like there is a little bump!

Gender: ?

What I miss: Not having to worry.

What I am looking forward to: Baby developing and growing!

Next appointment: Late Feb.


Week 13 update-2/10/13

How big is baby? The size of a peach.

Appointment Updates: One of the midwives acknowledged my nervousness last appointment and told me I could come in anytime and hear the heart beat. This Wednesday I took her up on the offer. I called at 11 and they said to come right in. It did make me feel good to hear the heartbeat again. It was strong and she found it quickly. However she couldn’t ever get it for a long time because baby was moving all over the place! There was a lot of “wooshing” and the midwife said that was baby moving. She commented a number of times on how active baby was ;-)

Best Moment of the week: Hmmm… hearing the heartbeat was great. Playing in the snow with J was fun, especially when he tried snowboarding and it actually worked. Plus, I am pretty positive I can feel baby and I just love that!! I swear baby to reacts to my touch and moves all around!

Sleep: Sleeping pretty well. Sometimes wake up and have trouble going back to sleep, but not too often.

Food aversions: Getting less and less pronounced. Lots of things still don’t sound good, but they don’t gross me out as much.

Food cravings: Canned fruit.

Symptoms: Moody.

Maternity clothes: Yup! I can still wear normal cloths, but the maternity clothes my friend gave me are much more comfortable and cute! I guess I need to tell work soon though…

Weight: Up about a pound, though it fluctuates.

Gender: ?

What I miss: Not having to worry as much. I am a worrier to begin with, and growing a brand new tiny, tiny life is pretty stressful for me!

What I am looking forward to: Same as always; a healthy baby growing and developing! Can’t wait to be “more” pregnant!

Next appointment: This Friday. I am meeting with the OBGYN group that will probably deliver me, since the midwives I am seeing are not yet certified to attend deliveries of women who have had c-sections. The situation is annoying, since I am really enjoying the midwives and would prefer to stay with them, but I am trying to keep cool about it, and just deal with the hand I am dealt.


Week 14 update-2/18/13

How big is baby? The size of a peach.

Appointment Updates: I had my first appointment with the Dr. practice that I will probably end of having to go to since the midwives I have been seeing are not yet certified to attend women who have had a previous c-section. I am still a little disappointed, but fortunately my first appointment with the Dr.’s went pretty well.

Best Moment of the week: A coworker had a huge surprise 30th birthday and it was so much fun to have night out dancing!

Sleep: Sleeping pretty well.

Food aversions: This has gotten so much better. I got my first decaf coffee in months (not because I am opposed to it, but because the idea of coffee made me feel sick), but finally coffee sounded good and I very much enjoyed my small cup! I still don’t really like chicken, but I can eat it.

Food cravings: Sweets. And I indulged a bit with Valentine’s day and the big party…

Symptoms: Symptoms are pretty under control lately. I am definitely in a good part of pregnancy. I have more energy and less nausea. I feel so much more like myself.

Maternity clothes: I have been wearing the clothes a friend loaned my most of the time. I enjoy being comfortable and I think they kind of help me look more pregnant, which I enjoy.

Weight: Up about 3 pounds. The midwives told me I should gain 10 by twenty weeks so I think I am on pretty good track, though I can see that the weight gain is picking up.

Gender: Don’t know and not finding out! I don’t even really spend time trying to figure it out.

What I miss: ?

What I am looking forward to: Showing more, talking about all things baby since now most people know…

Next appointment: Next week with the midwives. I am keeping this appointment since I love having appointments, but may decide soon it is time to end my time with the midwives . . . Boo. Oh and my big 20 week anatomy scan ultrasound is now scheduled for mid March and I am SOOO EXCITED for this!

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Oh I love these updates! Especially the picture... you are the cutest pregnant lady ever! :)