Friday, April 26, 2013

Weeks 22 and 23


Weeks 22&23 update-4/11/13

How big is baby? The size of a grapefruit! Oh yay, sounding more substantial ;-)

Appointment Updates: Tomorrow!

Best Moment of the week: Joseph and I are both on vacation this week and it has been wonderful.  Beautiful weather, relaxing, sleeping in (7:30!!), walking in the woods, Kidspace playground, old friends, baseball, a museum (ECHO), some shopping, creemes, cleaning, organizing, bike riding, building and excavating next door, holding hands, reading books, and getting rid of tons of stuff . . . Vacation feels like time to regroup and take a deep breath, which was much needed. Oh and I finished up work early last week to travel to NY with friends. Lots of fun as well for me, plus two overnights with grandparents, fishing, building with Dad and more adventures for Joseph.  Thanks for helping out everyone!

Sleep: A couple times not so great. Last night our fan broke and it was probably 50 out and I was SO HOT I couldn’t sleep. Not quite sure how I am going to make it through the summer . . .

Food aversions: None.

Food cravings: Just my normal love of all food. ehhh

Symptoms:  Big tummy—big enough that it seems pretty clear to everyone that I am pregnant. This makes me very happy! Some hip pain in the morning. Need to pee a lot.

Maternity clothes: No question. I had been trying to make use of some of my normal clothes because I realized I wouldn’t be able to for long. Now they really don’t fit!

Weight: Boo. Up 15 pounds. Too much. But oh well. I might have to delete this section of the survey.

Mommy movement: Really working on lots of walks. Last week it was nice and we went on lots of walks at work. I look forward to that trend continuing.

Baby movement: Sometimes tons, sometimes not as much, which totally freaks me out.

Gender: ?

What I miss: Coffee.

What I am looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat tomorrow!

Getting ready for baby: It is starting to seem more real for me! I went through Joseph’s closet (where most baby related items are stored) and sorted what I have left from him (I kept a large tote of his clothes each year, just in case, and some of his favorite toys, books, and stuffed animals). Since we don’t know the gender, are moving soon after baby is born, and don’t like to spend lots of money we aren’t planning on buying much. I didn’t last time either and we were fine! Of course it helps that family and friends are very generous with gifts and hand-me-downs. I am also planning on looking for a doula, taking a childbirth class, and doing lots of reading, to try and prepare for a better birth experience. This isn’t particularly “fun” for me, since the idea of birth completely freaks me out after my last experience and is all wrapped up with negative emotions, but I am doing my best. Most importantly I am TRYING to convince myself that a healthy baby and momma are the #1 most important thing.

Next appointment: Tomorrow. Joseph is coming with me (because it is school vacation) and he said today that he is going to get the Dr. to tell him the gender! So cute. Of course he can’t, because it isn’t written anywhere in my paper work and my Dr. doesn’t know (she didn’t do the ultrasound). Love the suspense.

Here is a picture I found from last time at 23 weeks—one of the few since I didn’t take many pictures.  I love this one, but it is a little scary since I am already so much bigger than that!


Meredith said...

You look so good! And doulas (if you find one you click with) are wonderful resources, especially if she does postpartum as well as the birth. I love a few of the ones I get to work with! So funny about Joseph's plan to subvert you on the gender :) It is a fun surprise for the birth!

JG said...

Okay I've looked at this post like 17 times now... are you falling behind??!!
I LOVE the photo comparison! Is it just me, or are you carrying higher this time?? GIRL! :)
I am going to DROWN you in baby clothes! ;D
This was a really great update! Lots of good details! More, more, more!