Sunday, April 7, 2013

Finishing up February Pics


We enjoyed a couple of hockey games at Middlebury College.  Fun times (especially when Joseph’s second cousins show up).  This was also part of my plan to convince Joseph that hockey is cooler than wrestling.  It worked and he is planning on playing hockey next year.  Hopefully I did the right thing!


Playing in one of his many “houses.”


Right around where the new house will be.


Soccer on ice


Snowboarding down the driveway.  At first I told him we could only do it on a small hill on the top, but he convinced me to let him go down the big hills.  And did way better then I would have expected.  He even busted one of the bindings pretty quick but still kept at it.  I found this one on the side of the road (hence the cheapness).  Hope I can find another!


So cute.


Sledding in Bristol by grandfather Bob’s house.


Working on Valentines.


Some scenic Ripton and Lincoln pictures I took driving from skiing lessons at Snowbowl to great-grandma’s house in Lincoln.  It was amazingly beautiful—a different world.


Movie night with cousins.


Getting ready for sugaring season!


Checkers with cousin Jacob.

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JG said...

Oh wow this post was almost TOO Vermonty! ;D Such beautiful pics... the Lincoln-Ripton images are just magical. I felt quite the hard pang of nostalgia seeing the sap bucket pics! Seems like Joseph is a good helper! Looks like lots of winter fun... jealous of your sledding hills! And I am SO proud of Joseph's transormation into a "little ripper!" He has such awesome, natural snowboarding style! Go Joseph! :)