Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday journal page


This is the journal page Joseph wrote last week.  Every Monday all the kids in Joseph’s class write and draw a little something about their weekend.  I always enjoy seeing what they share and how much they are learning!  The have do it all on their own.   I was blown away when he produced this last week and snuck a picture of it this Monday.  I really look forward to this journal as an amazing keepsake!!


JG said...

Wow! Wow, wow, wow. His writing is amazing; I am not related to him or regularly exposed to his writing and I could read each word!!! His writing (and reading) skills have EXPLODED! I am just beside myself... that is SO cool! The picture is also priceless... I love the tooth fairy holding out the dollar bill :) Sometime we'll have to talk more about the tooth fairy... did your parents do that for you? Where are you hiding his teeth? I remember finding all of my baby teeth in a little box in my parents' room and it was a little bit horrifying :) Thanks for posting this!

Ruth said...

Ha! I am pretty sure his spelling is already at about where I was in fourth grade or so, which is why I was so blown away. Plus of course the cuteness. I am hiding his teeth in my mom's old jewelery box, which I think still contains mine from when she hid them there. Probably a little gross but whatever. I don't think Joseph will find them anytime too soon, since he is so loud I almost always know what his up to. At some point when I was a kid though I decide to test out the whole tooth fairy thing and didn't tell father I had lost a tooth for a couple days; low and behold no $. By the way, the amount of $ is a major question; I though $1 was generous (up from the dime I got), but of course he came home talking about how Cole got $5, WTF?? $5??